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Step by Step Pediatrics COVID-19 response

Our response.

We understand that when there is a health concern that is affecting our community, it is important for us, as your health-care providers, to help give accurate resources that are helpful to our patients.  We are also doing everything in our power to prevent exposure to those that are in our care.  We want to let our families know what we are doing to ensure the best care for our patients.  Some of the following infection protocols we already do as routine, others we are implementing due to the potential increased risk of Covid-19 entering our community.  We are also offering telehealth for some illnesses and conditions


As of March 27th, the virus is widespread. We want to reassure you that we are keeping abreast of the potential concerns that our families may have.


The following are current policies that are in place:


  • All sick patients with fever and cough will be screened when making an appointment.  If any history of foreign travel to high-risk areas in the past 14 days, or known exposure to someone with COVID-19, they will be discussed with the staff before scheduling.

  • To limit exposure, please minimize the number of people attending the appointment.  Leave siblings at home if possible.


  • New signage on our lobby doors informs high risk (see above criteria) patients to NOT ENTER and directs them to return to their cars and call for further instructions.

  • All fever and cough patients will be entering the sick waiting room.

  • All exam room surfaces including beds and chairs are wiped down by disinfectants between patients.  We are completely cleaning and disinfecting the waiting room multiple times per day.

  • Our medical staff received additional training on respiratory droplet precautions.

  • As of 3/16, we are scheduling well-visits in the morning and sick-visits in the afternoon.  If you are scheduled in the morning for a well-visit and have a fever or cough, please call the office to reschedule.

Please be patient with us if we need to reschedule your appointment.

Telehealth is here!

Telehealth is here! Due to the covid epidemic we are implementing telehealth for some illnesses or conditions.  Nearly all of insurance plans are covering this service with no cost to the patient during this pandemic.  We currently are NOT doing telehealth for well visits.  We are using a Zoom platform for the Video Visits.  Please call the office to get more information!

Helpful Website Links

Here is some important info about COVID-19.