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Step by Step Pediatrics COVID-19 response

We understand that when there is a health concern that is affecting our community, it is important for us, as your health-care providers, to give resources that are helpful to our patients.    


Covid-19 signs and symptoms

 ​Office Policies

  • We no longer require masking, however, if you or your child is sick or have been exposed to Covid-19, please wear a mask to protect other patients and our staff. 

  • All fever and cough patients will be entering the sick waiting room.

  • All exam room surfaces including beds and chairs are wiped down by disinfectants between patients.  We are completely cleaning and disinfecting high touch surfaces multiple times per day.

  • Our medical staff received additional training on respiratory droplet precautions. 

Please be patient with us if we need to reschedule your appointment.

Helpful Website Links

Here is some important info about COVID-19.

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