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We have new ways of communicating with you.

Due to the increasing need for caring for our patients remotely, we will be offering new options for telephone care.  We will be using the Zoom service. 

Phone Consults

Call us.

Call our office, and one of our providers will call back to discuss the current health complaint, assess needs and develop a plan to implement care. This is a limited visit, which does not require video ability. At this consult, the provider may be able to answer all of the questions and provide a plan, or they may direct you to schedule a video or in person appointment.

Video Appointments

Virtual visits.

This is a virtual visit. The appointment will be made with one of the providers. We will be using zoom for our video appointments.


You will receive an email to the address you provided from teledoc@stepbysteppediatrics with a meeting link prior to the appointment. If you do not receive an email, please check your spam filters for teledoc or stepbysteppediatrics.  


Below is a link to Zoom on how to join an appointment. Please enable your computer audio and video prior to your appointment. Video appointments do work best on computers, but the visit can happen on a smart phone.  If you are using a smart phone, download the zoom app prior to the appointment. 


Please have a current weight,  temperature and medication list prior to the visit.  

The patient and a parent must attend the appointment. 

Zoom Tutorial

A quick guide.

After you schedule the appointment, you should receive an email at the address that you provided when you scheduled.  Below are links to zoom tutorials that are good to review prior to the appointment. 

Joining a Meeting with Zoom - Tutorial Video

Does Your Insurance Cover These Visits?

Find out below.

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